Syndication Services

What are Syndication Services?

  • Syndication is where an investor seeks to invite other investors to join in an acquisition. Many investors have used this approach to transition from buying one or two properties to purchasing hundreds of doors.
  • Most multifamily brokers can’t guide investors in this process at all because they lack the experience and training with syndications.
  • Whether you seek to invite a small number of friends and family investors into one or more deals or whether you wish to find people that you don’t already know to invest in your deals, we can help.

What are the advantages of Syndication?

  • Syndication can allow a multifamily investor to transition into building a large portfolio of investments using other people’s money.
  • This investment capital is generally provided for a preferred return plus a percentage of cash flow.
  • However, all investors are limited in their ability to purchase new deals by their access to funds. Syndication overcomes this obstacle.

Why Us?

  • We are syndication experts because our founder owns and operates a capital markets syndication firm. That firm maintains a team of expert lawyers, consultants, and bankers that know syndication and the capital markets.
  • Whether you are simply seeking to invite a few friends and family to co invest with you in a multifamily project or whether you are seeking to begin to build a business that will eventually own and operate 1000 or more doors, we can help with every aspect of syndication through our sister company Centarus Legal Services.

How Common is Syndication?

  • Syndication is extremely common, but it is common primarily among the top 1% of income earners and asset holders.
  • This is a technique of acquiring assets at a far more expedited rate that any individual could accomplish independently.
  • There are costs associated with seeking investors to participate in a multifamily investment, and these costs generally include legal work for the drafting of a private placement memorandum