About Us

Who Are We?

Centarus Realty is the only brokerage firm in Illinois that provides a one stop shop for multifamily real estate investors who are seeking to acquire investment property. Our firm combines the skills of four companies and works with our clients to serve the following needs: (1) brokerage, (2) property management, (3) mortgage brokerage, and (4) syndication guidance. In addition, since these services are provided under the same “roof,” you can be assured that the various disciplines work efficiently together and provide the highest level of client service.

Our Brokerage Services

We are the only Chicago based full service brokerage firm that focuses on introducing investment grade multifamily real estate to its clients:

  • We don’t just introduce multifamily properties for investment, we explain why one property is a better investment than another, and we have access to the analytics to prove it.
  • We help our clients not only evaluate the value of their purchase today, but we have sophisticated analysis tools that help them assess the value of the property based on rent increases in the market, vacancy rates, and expense escalation.

Our Management Services

  • If you contact other property managers, you will quickly find that most of them are generalists.
  • In addition, most property managers are reactive rather than proactive, and they have little interest in saving you cost.
  • At our firm, we don’t accept poor service from our team or from contractors or lawyers that provide work.
  • Our founder is a veteran attorney and engineer, who is involved in overseeing the cost of every legal bill provided by a law firm. In addition, a Director oversees quotes provided by contractors to make certain that pricing is always competitive.

Our Finance Services

  • Financing can frequently be slow and painful, especially if you are self-employed or own significant real estate holdings. One of the issues with most brokers is that they fail to request all necessary information at once. This leads to a slow and belabored process.
  • In addition, we, as multifamily specialty brokers, have options that a traditional bank cannot offer. We can provide traditional agency backed financing or portfolio financing, depending on the needs of our client.

Our Syndication Services

  • We are syndication experts because our founder owns and operates a capital markets syndication firm. That firm maintains a team of expert lawyers, consultants, and bankers that know syndication and the capital markets.
  • Whether you are simply seeking to invite a few friends and family to co invest with you in a multifamily project or whether you are seeking to begin to build a business that will eventually own and operate 1000 or more doors, we can help with every aspect of syndication through our sister company Centarus Legal Services.