Real Estate Finance Services

Financing Your Multifamily Investment

  • It is difficult to find proactive and creative financing for multifamily investments. Most of what you will find in the finance industry is banks and average brokers. The banks are clumsy and unsophisticated in financing multifamily transactions, if they finance them at all.
  • Average brokers, on the other hand, are available to assist purchasers, but most brokers are no more than residential real estate order takers. At our firm, since we specialize in multifamily, our sophistication and service are higher than what will generally be found in the finance brokerage market.

Straightforward or Complex Financing

  • Financing of a two flat is often times uncomplicated, but as the property size or number of properties owned by a borrower increases, so does the complexity of the loan.
  • Our team is comprised of industry experts that know how to finance both “vanilla” and complex transactions.
  • In addition, as our client, you will not need multiple service providers to assist you with your needs. All of them can be handled at our firm.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Financing can frequently be slow and painful, especially if you are self-employed or own significant real estate holdings. One of the issues with most brokers is that they fail to request all necessary information at once. This leads to a slow and belabored process.
  • In addition, we, as multifamily specialty brokers, have options that a traditional bank cannot offer. We can provide traditional agency backed financing or portfolio financing, depending on the needs of our client.

Speed, Efficiency, and Cost

  • The cost of using our firm to finance your next multifamily purchase is in the same price range as a local bank, a mortgage bank or any other broker. However, since we focus solely on the multifamily asset class, we are intimately familiar with the best loans possible for this class, and the costs associated with these loans will be among the best in the market.