Real Estate Property Management Services

Real Estate Property Management by Professionals who Specialize in Multifamily

  • There are many real estate property management firms, and most of them, unfortunately, don’t manage property well. First, they manage too many property types, and second, the level of sophistication and experience of the average staff level property manager is not very high.
  • At Centarus, we have staff level people who oversee day to day management, as at most real estate brokerage firms (we use these words as anchor text to link to the homepage), but the caliber of our staff is higher than most firms in the industry.
  • In addition, our management staff only manage one asset class-multifamily. And this means that we know how to manage this asset class better than anyone.
  • Finally, our staff level managers are supervised on a daily and weekly basis by our office director, who ensures that clients are receiving the best real estate prperty management service from us possible.

What type of Multifamily Properties do We Manage?

  • We focus on managing property types from B to A. We do not, however, manage properties below a B class. Our focus is to be best in class, and in order to do this, we narrowly focus on serving the multifamily asset class. Additionally, we concentrate on two subclasses, A and B, within the multifamily asset class. We firmly believe that most real estate property management firms fail because they are experts at nothing, and because they hire people who are not truly professional.

Compare us to Other Real Estate Property Management Firms

  • – If you contact other real estate property managers, you will quickly find that most of them are generalists.
  • In addition, most property managers are reactive rather than proactive, and they have little interest in saving you cost.
  • – At our firm, we don’t accept poor service from our broker team or from contractors or lawyers that provide work.
  • Our founder is a veteran attorney and engineer, who is involved in overseeing the cost of every legal bill provided by a law firm. In addition, a Director oversees quotes provided by contractors to make certain that pricing is always competitive.

Poor Real Estate Property Management Lowers Property Values

  • Whether an owner lives on site or in another state, there is one unavoidable fact in multifamily: if your tenants become annoyed with unresponsive management or deferred maintenance, they will either not renew their leases or they will not be willing to pay market lease rates.
  • – Managing multifamily properties involves being sensitive to the fact that renters deserve responsiveness, and owners deserve to have contractors supervised for professionalism and pricing.